What I Have And You Don’t

A few words about what I have and you don’t…

So you took a few classes. You learned a few steps. You know how to do them yet somehow you don’t look like your teacher. You seem to lack something. So you ask yourself a question:

“What am I missing? I thought I copied the movement exactly how my teacher showed it to me”

You missed one thing.

Groove. That feeling of relaxation while you’re moving to the music. That “sitting in the pocket” sensation; just being present in what you’re doing. Relaxing. Not stressing.

Bad news: that’s what you don’t have. Good news: that’s what you don’t have YET. Sad news: your teacher doesn’t know how to teach it to you because his teacher didn’t know how to explain it to him.

You see, that’s the one thing you cannot copy. A true groove comes from within. You don’t do it – you feel it. You don’t get it – you develop it.