Your Dancing Starts Here

Your dancing starts with listening. To the music, its rhythm, its melody, its beat. It’s music that moves us, not the other way round. But not just any music. You have to find the music genre and then the songs that make you want to...... Read More

I Wanna Dance Like You!

One of my students yesterday brought to class her favorite song and asked me to show how I would dance to it. As a dancer, I wouldn’t hesitate a second – I’m always ready to show off. As a teacher – now that’s another story!...... Read More

What I Have And You Don’t

A few words about what I have and you don’t… So you took a few classes. You learned a few steps. You know how to do them yet somehow you don’t look like your teacher. You seem to lack something. So you ask yourself a...... Read More

Breathe To Dance Better?

Today, my Bikram yoga teacher – Chris made an interesting comment about breathing in class (I’m surprised I even heard it half dead, sweat in my ears). He was talking about how, when doing any strenuous activity we immediately start gasping for air. Right? Isn’t...... Read More

Too Much Rhythm?

I noticed something interesting today as I was teaching a new student who claimed he has no rhythm. He backed up his statement by giving me a short demonstration of what he can do. What I said to him afterwards surprised us both. (It surprised...... Read More

“Good Jobs” Part 2

I experimented alright. On one person so far because my other student whose name I won’t mention (JACK!) blew it. You couldn’t just NOT read the blog for 1 day, could you? :) Lucky bastard escaped my experiment… Alright, so my other student is a...... Read More

“Good Jobs” Part 1

Something that has been on my mind after taking a group class yesterday… The teacher was really generous with “good jobs” (you know: “good job, Tom”, “good job, Maggie” and so on) so I was patiently waiting for him to mention my name as well....... Read More

If You Don’t Like What You See In The Mirror

So you just started your classes… Of course you won’t look graceful right away. When you’re just starting your dance learning experience, there is a lot on your mind! You will feel awfully clumsy, disjointed even, and totally uncoordinated. No wonder! What’s constantly on your...... Read More

Your Ego

Heuristically, your brain is learning all movement whether you’re aware of it or not. However, we stand in the way of that process because of our insecurities, our ego. Example: you think you look stupid doing a particular movement therefore you don’t do it (even...... Read More