Hip hop dance classes

"Hip hop dance is personally, one of my favorite dance styles mainly because of how complex it is and how, no matter how long you learn, there is always room for improvement."
– Monika Matys

My hip hop dance course is a good fit for anyone who wants to learn how to groove to the music, work on their freestyle skills or learn an intricate hip hop dance choreography. Depending on your goals, I offer different approaches whether you want to be prepared to perform, for example, at your wedding or to simply get better at dancing socially in the club.

If you enjoy hip hop music and your goal is to be able to comfortably dance in any social situation, our hip hop dance classes will focus on just that. In my beginner hip hop dance classes, we will focus on developing rhythm, coordination, and groove. You will learn a variety of hip hop moves so you can easily blend in with other people on the dance floor.

If you have previous experience with hip hop dance, I will happily teach you challenging body isolations and technical movements. You can also learn specific hip hop dance elements such as popping and waving to take your freestyle skills to the next level and WOW your friends.

If you’d like to get better at learning hip hop dance choreography or you’d like me to choreograph for your upcoming performance or audition, I offer hip hop choreography classes for all levels: beginner to advanced. You can choose the style of hip hop dance that you like. You can also choose the songs you’d like to dance to.

My private hip hop dance classes are a great solution to crowded group classes where it is easy to get lost in the fast pace of the class. At Get Dance, you can improve at your own pace in a friendly, non-judgmental atmosphere. Classes are fun, yet challenging enough and your improvement is always the main focus.

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Monika’s hip hop freestyle: These are some of the moves you’ll learn in class


Monika breaks down foundational hip hop moves for beginners


Kacper – Freestyle Hip Hop Dance at Get Dance Greenpoint Studio

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