She’s Practicing Dancing Right Now

Although it may not look like it, she’s improving her dancing skills right now. Yes – laying on the couch. How?
She is listening to music.

I always say that a good ear is half the success to looking good on the dance floor. You either have musical ability or you don’t and in such case you can develop it. And you can train your ear pretty much anywhere, doing pretty much anything. Physical ability is the other half. You can train it pretty much anywhere too btw (A few of my students prefer to practice new dance moves in the shower).

Ear training is nothing else but “listening comprehension” of music. We dance following certain rhythmic patterns we distinguish in music. I’m not talking about the ability to distinguish pitch and chord but simple rhythmic patterns. You can, for example, listen for a snare and how it’s repeated in a song or trying to recognize different instruments used. It will make you a better dancer.

No excuses now you couch potatoes! Happy listening:-)