Meet Monika

You can dance. Learn how

It doesn’t matter how old you are, it doesn’t matter how bad you think you are – you can dance. You just need to know what it is you need to work on and how to do it effectively and efficiently. Get Dance is where your discomfort on the dance floor ends.
– Monika Matys

Monika Matys’ love of dance and movement began at the age of six. Since that time she acquired over 25 years of dance training experience through her studies in a variety of dance styles including Ballroom International Standard: Waltz, Foxtrot, Quickstep, Tango; International Latin: Cha Cha, Samba, Rumba, Jive, Paso Doble as well as Salsa, Mambo, Bachata, Merengue, Hustle, Tap Dance, Bollywood, African Dance, Capoeira, Belly Dance, Dancehall, Krumping, Vogue, Waacking, Hip-Hop (Illusion styles, Popping, Locking, Boogaloo, Breaking), Modern Dance, Ballet, Jazz, Modern and Street Jazz/Jazz Funk.

While employed as a professional dancer for clients such as MTV Networks and Pepsi, Monika discovered that as much as she enjoyed performing as a dancer, teaching was her true love, because it allowed her to help others. After seeing how many adults struggle in social dance situations, Monika noticed that there were no dance schools and no dance instructors able to successfully address this issue. She made the decision to dedicate herself to teaching those who avoid dancing in public at all cost, therefore are not taking a full advantage of their social life. In 2005, Monika created a dance style she called Club Dance, now taught all over the world. She coupled her B.A. degree in Education, her Personal Trainer certification and Group Personal Training Specialist certification (National Academy of Sports Medicine) along with her experiences as a dancer and a teacher to start Get Dance, one of a kind dance school where all dance styles are taught in a private class setting.

In continuing efforts to help her students’ transition from the dance studio to club’s dance floor as smooth as possible, Monika has also introduced a unique service of renting out a club dance partner that has become an instant hit. She also popularized instruction in a semi-private format as a more affordable “sister service” to her one-on-one classes and a solution to overcrowded group classes.


Get Dance was created in 2005 by Monika Matys as the “go-to” place for solutions to all your dance floor issues ranging from lack of rhythm and coordination to the popular “two left feet syndrome”. It is the first dance instruction service of its kind in the United States designed to help adults gain confidence in social dance situations.

Famous for its “Club Dance Classes”, Get Dance offers a program where adults can learn the skills necessary to either blend in or stand out on the dance floor, and even rent a dance partner for the club experience to practice their skills with before venturing on the dance floor on their own.

For those who are looking to learn specific dance techniques, Get Dance is what Monika calls “a convenient one-stop-shop” for all dance styles taught in one-on-one format.

In addition, Get Dance offers choreography for any occasion, freestyle / improvisation coaching, dance fitness, as well as dance classes tailored to performing artists (actors/models/singers).


I created Get Dance in response to the lack of classes available to the adult who is trying to get over his or her “dance floor fears”. Most often what such person is left with is a group class. Group classes, in my opinion are not appropriate for a person who is a total beginner. They can even be destructive in some cases. In these classes the objective is to teach you a short routine so at the end of the class you look at yourself in the mirror and you like what you see. What if you don’t? The teacher is not concerned. And what if it was your first dance class ever and afterwards you felt like you were the worst dancer in the group? You might be too discouraged to ever try dancing again!

In group classes you’re dancing as if you were on an autopilot. It’s all about repetition – often repetition of movements you don’t even understand. Just answer this question: do you remember the choreography you did two months ago? Do you remember individual movements that were used in this choreography so you can at least use them when dancing in public? No? That’s because teacher’s job here is to keep you dancing while you’re in class and not after you’re out the door.

Another issue I have with group classes is the lack of individuality. In group dance classes, the concept here is to copy the instructor as precisely as possible so you end up looking as good (or as bad) as him / her. Wouldn’t you like to look like YOU (plus the dance skills)?

Group classes can be fun when students are not continuously stressed about their inability to get dance movements, while not falling behind the group. These classes are more appropriate for those who have some type of dance knowledge and want to further their skills as far as body control, coordination and rhythm.

Another choice absolute beginners are presented with are one-on-one classes offered at various dance schools. What I noticed is that most teachers that offer private dance classes are comfortable feeding their students “ready” movements without any concern for their improvisational skills. The problem here is that “club ready moves” won’t make you look organic on the dance floor, plus you will only remember a handful of them. Emulation is ok as long as you are looking for inspiration, but it is definitely not an answer to freeing yourself up on the dance floor. Have some ready moves but also know how to come up with them yourself so that you’re never limited. Now, that’s freedom!

The teaching method in most one-on-one classes is unfortunately no different than the one used in group classes. So essentially what you’re getting is the same group class – you’re just the only student in it.

The Get Dance method is instruction based on a combination of dance science, music theory, kinesiology and pedagogy in a way that is easy to comprehend and digest. Dance skills are built from the ground up starting with rhythm, coordination, movement retention, musicality along with self-expression to find personal style. The objective is to make you feel comfortable on the dance floor in the shortest amount of time and equip you with the tools for self-improvement so that they don’t have to rely on a dance teacher forever.

Get Dance is our efforts combined to help you overcome whatever dance floor issues you may have. It is me decoding dance for you; making it common yet unique – making it yours.


– I have 2 left feet
– I’m shy
– I’m ok dancing by myself but don’t know how to dance with a partner
– I have no rhythm
– I want to go out with my friends but I’m the only one who can’t dance
– I have a wedding coming up and I know I’ll be expected to dance
– I want to lose weight and I’ve heard I can do it through dance
– I am very stiff when I dance
– I’m slow at picking up choreography
– I can’t dance when someone else is watching me
– My girlfriend is an excellent dancer and I don’t want to embarrass her
– I know how to dance hustle and boogie but how do I dance to Justin?
– I’d like to be more flexible. Can dance help me with that?
– I don’t want to be so heavy on my feet
– I’m a model who was told I move awkwardly in front of the camera
– I take dance classes but I can’t remember any movements afterwards
– I don’t want to be so self-conscious on the dance floor
– Some songs make me feel like dancing… but I don’t know how to