Food For Thought

I’ve read somewhere about the five stages of change. See for yourself if that makes sense:

1. Pre-contemplation: in our mind we tend to say: “that’s not for me”, “I can’t do this” (sounds familiar?)
2. Contemplation: when we give serious consideration to changing our behavior – we decide to contact somebody about it. This one make take forever, unfortunately (I know for me it does)
3. Preparation: we are ready to take action and look for a coach – somebody who would help us discover our underlying motivation, obstacles as well as strategies to overcome them. At this point it is good to have our goal in mind, a vision of where we would like to be, for example, in 3 months.
4. Action: we implement our plan to achieve our vision. It doesn’t mean permanent change yet (too bad)
5. Maintenance: a new behavior becomes a habit but we must work to sustain the change (key word: WORK)
Yep – changes don’t just happen. Keep that in mind (that goes for me as well)