Success Stories

Sneak peek into my students’ adventure with dance at Get Dance – Private Dance Classes in NYC . See the “before” and “after”, the hopes, the vision and the skills obtained in private dance lessons.

Stories of Andre and Brendan learning club dance – aspiring to feel more comfortable while dancing in the club (no prior dance experience)



Students Showcase

Get dance Student Showcase documents the progress my students make during their learning experience here at Get Dance. The series shows dancers learning a variety of dance styles (Club Dance, Hip Hop, First Dance, Salsa, Dancehall, House), their ability to improvise (freestyle) and perform choreography. Most students shown had no to little prior dance experience. Get inspired, get dance!

Salsa Dance class

Club dance class

EDM Dance Class

House Dance Class

Hip Hop dance class

Dancehall Dance Class

Choreography Dance Class