Will you have a DJ or a live band? It’s easier to dance to a song you heard a lot. And I mean the same version of the song. Even if you don’t have ‘musician’s ear’ you will (or your brain will rather) get used...... Read More


Practice in between sessions. We learn how to dance through repetition – after all dancing is a motor activity. If you leave a huge gap in between your dance classes (say: two weeks), it will be so much harder to get back in the game....... Read More

Speak Up!

Dance is about self-expression (you’ve heard that, right?). But are you really expressing yourself by copying somebody else’s choreography, repeating their movements and their interpretation of the song? How much freedom do you actually have there? Wouldn’t you like to formulate your own movements just...... Read More

If You Can Walk You Can Dance

“Start with something simple. Try touching your forehead with your hand. Ah, that’s easy, automatic. Nothing to it. But there was a time when you were as far removed from the mastery of that simple skill as a non pianist is from playing a Beethoven...... Read More

Practice Club Dance

“How come – my students ask – we have to practice dance but people who we see on the dance floor do it so effortlessly? They don’t practice, yet they look great”. Well…they do practice – I say – they just don’t consider it practice....... Read More