Unless you consider yourself a great dancer, pick a song with a rhythm that’s easy to follow. Keep in mind that you can learn your first dance choreography to any song but it is always easier and faster to learn to a song that has...... Read More


Will you have a DJ or a live band? It’s easier to dance to a song you heard a lot. And I mean the same version of the song. Even if you don’t have ‘musician’s ear’ you will (or your brain will rather) get used...... Read More

What Can Your Ass Do For You?

(I used the word “ASS” in the title to attract the attention of all of us who wouldn’t read anything that has “ASSESSMENT” in it. Please note that the following blog entry will indeed be about assessment :-) My understanding of assessment is simple –...... Read More

Own It

Do you often have those “ah-hah!” moments? Do you have them while taking dance classes? Perhaps when you find yourself able to find song’s rhythm for the first time… or transition smoothly from one movement to the next? Or FINALLY truly freestyle to the song...... Read More

Pushing Past It

One more thing in case you’re wondering HOW to push past the point of perceived limitation. We all have thoughts all the time (well…most of us). It just so happens that whenever we come across a challenge, these thoughts are mostly negative. Try these two...... Read More

Point Of Your Perceived Limitation

Have you ever heard about a point of our perceived limitation? Even if you never heard about it, you probably experienced it. Just think about how often you tell yourself these four “beautiful” words: “I can’t do that”… So here you are in my class...... Read More


Lately I’ve been asking my students about their previous instructors and their approach to Q&A situations. We came to a conclusion that it’s a pretty good criterion for the evaluation of your teacher. Does your teacher encourage you to ask questions? Does he make sure...... Read More