Unless you consider yourself a great dancer, pick a song with a rhythm that’s easy to follow. Keep in mind that you can learn your first dance choreography to any song but it is always easier and faster to learn to a song that has...... Read More


Will you have a DJ or a live band? It’s easier to dance to a song you heard a lot. And I mean the same version of the song. Even if you don’t have ‘musician’s ear’ you will (or your brain will rather) get used...... Read More

Dance Science

Let me give you guys little science behind our dance learning process (No – I don’t want to bore you to death, just trying to prove to you that everybody is able to do well on the dance floor. That is my job after all)...... Read More

I Want To Learn The Easiest Dance Technique

Whether you are a professional dancer or you dance just for fun, I’d like you to know that there’s no dance technique that becomes easy with practice. A specific dance style will not become easy for you just because you’ve been practicing for 10 years....... Read More

Your Ego

Heuristically, your brain is learning all movement whether you’re aware of it or not. However, we stand in the way of that process because of our insecurities, our ego. Example: you think you look stupid doing a particular movement therefore you don’t do it (even...... Read More

Speak Up!

Dance is about self-expression (you’ve heard that, right?). But are you really expressing yourself by copying somebody else’s choreography, repeating their movements and their interpretation of the song? How much freedom do you actually have there? Wouldn’t you like to formulate your own movements just...... Read More

If You Can Walk You Can Dance

“Start with something simple. Try touching your forehead with your hand. Ah, that’s easy, automatic. Nothing to it. But there was a time when you were as far removed from the mastery of that simple skill as a non pianist is from playing a Beethoven...... Read More