I Wanna Dance Like You!

One of my students yesterday brought to class her favorite song and asked me to show how I would dance to it. As a dancer, I wouldn’t hesitate a second – I’m always ready to show off. As a teacher – now that’s another story!...... Read More


Check this out. Suppose your teacher makes you repeat a specific exercise each time you’re in class. Suppose you don’t have the slightest idea what purpose it serves but you keep doing it regardless. Your teacher happily keeps drilling the exercise – after all it...... Read More


If you don’t understand something – ASK! The teacher will give you another explanation, making sure you understand introduced concept. Don’t just say ‘I understand’ because that way your instructor will assume that the problem is solved and you will wonder why you are still...... Read More

To teach also should imply a belief in that which one teaches, and desire to share this knowledge and make it be a vital experience to those taught. This can only be accomplished if the student is enabled to construct in his own mind the ideas the teacher is presenting. And when the idea "clicks" through the student's own thinking, it is his, for it exists for him as his own creation. He has constructed it for himself, although he may owe the impetus for thinking to the thought of another. — Margaret H’Doubler, A Way of Thinking

What Did I Learn?

Another one of those “little things” you can do to get the most out of your dance learning experience: After each class, answer this question: ‘what did I learn?’ Answer honestly. But be careful: state facts. Don’t let emotions take over. Example: you’ve found the...... Read More


Lately I’ve been asking my students about their previous instructors and their approach to Q&A situations. We came to a conclusion that it’s a pretty good criterion for the evaluation of your teacher. Does your teacher encourage you to ask questions? Does he make sure...... Read More