If you feel stiff when dancing it’s probably your shoulders’ fault.

2 things usually happen: 

  • when we try to add shoulder moves to our steps (whether it’s a simple shoulder lift or popular shoulder roll) the shoulders seem rigid and awkward, very often too noticeable, too big which makes us look bad on the dance floor.
  • when we aren’t moving our shoulders when dancing, our shoulders are making us look stiff overall because they simply LOOK stiff on us. Which makes us look bad on the dance floor.

But why?

By nature shoulders aren’t made to be moved much, they assist in other movements. 

But in dancing, when it’s time for them to shine it’s not easy to move them because they are simply not used to movement. Think about what isolated shoulder movement you’re performing on a daily basic. I got one: a shrug (I don’t know about the daily part). Maybe if I count the weird bouncy shoulder happy dance when I do when I’m really excited about something (which I WISH was a daily occurrence). That’s about it.

What would be the solution then? Simply put, the more you move the shoulders, the looser they will get overtime. You can also help by performing light stretching exercises and some isolation exercises. You can find other helpful tips HERE