Do you feel awkward on the dance floor?
Do you feel like you want to dance but don’t know how to move your body to the music you like?
Do you envy others who seem to do it so effortlessly?
Do you lack coordination and rhythm but feel like you have 2 left feet instead?

If your social life suffers from the fact that you don’t feel good on the dance floor, club dance class is for you!

With get dance Social you will learn:
– how to find rhythm and retain it
– how to get coordinated
– how to freestyle
– how to dance with a partner
– how to lead and follow
– how to be confident on the dance floor
– how to find your unique style
– how to attract the opposite sex

Be prepared not only for the club but ANY social dance situation from a wedding reception to a birthday party.

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What is your favorite dance style?

Whether you want to improve your technique or try something new, chances are you’ll find it here (and if you don’t see it here just ask – we may be able to show you where to look)

No dance experience necessary. Beginner friendly. All ages welcome. Choose your favorite with get dance Styles.

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Club dance is a dance style named by Monika Matys and simply describes freestyle dancing to popular music played in clubs. As opposed to choreography where you learn a sequence of steps, club dance is purely improvisational. Basic skill set for club dancing includes having rhythm, coordination, groove as well as your own style to it.
Hip hop is a very popular dance style which started off as a street style, quickly making its way to club scene, television, music videos and stage performances. With its core elements: popping, locking and breakin, hip hop dance is a very technical and complex style that is extremely fun to learn.
And more!


I understand that never having danced before in your life, it is difficult to suddenly be the center of attention. It doesn’t have to be that stressful. Whether you want something classy or funky, I’ll make sure it matches your vision and goes beyond your expectations. Choose from variety of styles: from waltz and foxtrot to hip-hop.

Try a discounted sample class first before committing to anything and check out 3 customized packages that I offer.

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get dance Choreography and get ready to:

– Dance like your favorite artist!

– Dance to the song of your choice

– Surprise your party guests with the hottest Usher moves

– Prepare a jaw dropping routine for your audition

– Learn Michael Jackson’s choreography for your talent show

– Embarrass your daughter at her Sweet 16 party Justin Bieber style

Any style from salsa, waltz to reggae

Any level

Rated E for everyone

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