Don’t be afraid to freestyle

You say you can’t dance? Then you should freestyle even more!


At home for now, not in the club, let’s not get crazy 🙂 Freestyle or in other words improvisation is very personal, it is your response to a song. With whatever moves you want, however you want it. I think that away from any viewers anybody can move to music. It is once we become self-conscious we shy away from improvising on the dance floor. And then we start thinking that only learned moves and repeating them over and over again on the dance floor is appropriate. I say not really. You will feel really good about your dance skills if you can combine movement improvisation with moves you learn along the way.


This is me dancing in the video. About 10 years ago. Now looking at it I see a lot of flaws but who cares? Certainly nobody in my living room did! You can see how I’m enjoying the song, how I’m expressing it with my movements, how we are one. I don’t look bad here but I already had a few years of hip hop dance training at that point. There have been many, many regular living room freestyle sessions before I got to that point. And many more after that…


So put on your favorite song, lock the door and just enjoy the music, no judging.