Why Private Dance Classes?


I always felt awkward at parties but Monika broke everything down to very simple steps. I couldn’t believe that I could dance in a couple of weeks!
– Francis

Get Dance was created so anyone, even beginners, could have confidence and impress on the dance floor. Most often I hear students tell me that they tried group dance classes before and felt discouraged.  They struggled to keep up with the routine and some of them even felt like they were the worst in the class! Instead of enjoying themselves and learning to improve their skills, they left feeling like dance classes weren’t for them.

At Get Dance, beginners are welcome! Private dance classes allow you to learn in a comfortable, encouraging environment at your own pace. With personalized lesson plans and tailored feedback, you’ll find your skills improve dramatically even after just a few weeks.

You won’t just learn new dance moves but learn how to use those moves on the dance floor – so you can feel confident out at a club, a party, or dancing at a wedding. 

Ready to give private dance lessons a try? Choose from different styles: hip hop, club dance, and shuffle. Classes are offered in two locations: Midtown Manhattan and Greenpoint, Brooklyn.

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At Get Dance, in our private dance classes, we offer instruction based on a combination of dance science, music theory, kinesiology and pedagogy in a way that is easy to comprehend and digest. Dance skills are built from the ground up starting with rhythm, coordination, movement retention, musicality along with self-expression to find personal style. The objective in Get Dance private dance lessons is to make you feel comfortable on the dance floor in the shortest amount of time and equip you with the tools for self-improvement so you are always getting better.

Get Dance is our efforts combined to help you overcome whatever dance floor issues you may have. It is me decoding dance for you; making it common yet unique – making it yours.

Benefits of one on one dance classes:

  • fastest results
  • undivided attention of the instructor
  • non-intimidating atmosphere
  • class is adjusted to your pace of learning
  • you’re only learning what you want to learn
  • personalized schedule

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