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These one-on-one classes are customized just for you to allow for the most progress in the shortest amount of time. Suitable for those who want to avoid “one size fits all” mentality of group lessons. Perfect for those on a tight schedule – you choose the time – any time, any day of the week. Great for those who want to stop being terrible at dancing by a certain deadline. Excellent for those with a specific issue, whether it is a lack of coordination, “too much” rhythm or overall dance induced panic and terror.



Single Class
5 class package
10 class package
15 class package

assistant teacher


Single Class
5 class package
10 class package
15 class package


No time to travel? Too cold or too hot outside? No problem – stay in and we’ll come to you! You can learn in the comfort of your own home. All you need is a little bit of floor. Mirrors although not required, would be perfection. Does it get more comfortable than that?

Please add $25 per session (covers travel cost and time)


Learning with friends can be fun too!
Does your friend embarrass you on the dance floor? Drag him to class!
Have a bet with your friends who can learn to dance the fastest or have more fun doing it? Let me be the judge!
Are all of you suffering from the “two left feet syndrome”? Consider yourself healed.
All of your friends are pros? No problem – let me find you a couple of new friends that would love to take a class with you. Splitting the cost won’t hurt either.

Join anytime. Beginners welcome.

single class


any dance style
10 class package


Not quite a studio type? Let me tag along with you to the club! You’ll be able to show me your exact problem areas and I’ll be able to precisely pinpoint what can be improved and how. We will discretely work on coordination, body control, rhythm and groove right there on the spot (discretely – so that it doesn’t look like you’re being instructed). Feel free to look around and show me examples of what you’d like to look like on the dance floor. My promise to you is no matter how bad of a dancer you are, I will not run away – we’re in this together.

45min session



In town for a weekend? Why not finally doing what you’ve always wanted to do and getting comfortable on the dance floor? Let’s mix it up for quicker results: 2 hours of intense (yet still fun) studio practice and we’re taking it to the club! Do that two or three days in a row and you’d be surprised what a difference one weekend can make! Practical application of what you’ve just learned is a guarantee to make it permanent. Not to mention that it eliminates shyness quickly and painlessly! Dance floor will never look the same to you. All it takes is one weekend.



2hour dance class + 45min session in the club



2hour dance class + 45min session in the club x 2

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