Get First Dance Classes in New York

Whether you’re a pro (after a few drinks) or aware of your two-left-feet syndrome, you know that dancing in front of others is stressful.

All you need is a teacher who will make that process less painful. Someone who understands that your goal is not to become Dancing With The Stars overnight, that you simply don’t have all the time in the world for it.

A teacher who understands that all you want to learn is the dance that is breezy, graceful and matching your personality but not necessarily your rhythm (no worries, we’ll work on that)

Dance that will make you feel proud of yourself at the end of the night…


Whether you’re looking for a simple dance that you can actually enjoy performing or you have a vision of wowing your guests with latest hip hop routine, I’d like to help you make that happen. Feel free to let me know what dance style you’re interested in (any dance style). I will create wedding dance choreography that matches your chosen song and your personality. I’ve enjoyed teaching my couples for over 12 years, had tears in my eyes watching each one of my couples perform on the most important night of their lives and I can’t wait to be a part of your vision.

Party Dancing

You don’t want to stay away from the dance floor at your own wedding – join the party and have fun! I teach basics: finding and keeping rhythm, easy steps you can use anytime making sure you know how to transition smoothly between them. Learn how to dance individually and with a partner to any song from The Beatles to Bruno Mars.

Mother – Son, Father – Daughter Dance

These wedding dances are very special. You can learn something classy and timeless like the waltz or foxtrot or something less classy but also timeless, say twist or Macarena.

Wedding Dance Performance

If you’re all about entertainment and want to include your besties in a one of a kind performance at your wedding (to “Single Ladies” for example) I’m in! No matter how big your dance troupe is, cost of class is exactly the same as for the couple alone (check out my couple above learning and then performing Michael Jackson medley with their friends)

Learn Online

Not in NYC? Do you have to travel a lot before your wedding? Take me with you!

Online that is. After a free consultation I will create a unique choreography and a personalized instructional video, where together with a male instructor I will break down and teach you all the steps. I will also check in with you regularly on Skype or Facetime and give you instant feedback.


A: There’s no rush (well, unless your wedding is 2 weeks away) Feel free to sign up for a 45min sample class first. I’ll be happy to teach you as much of the routine as you can learn in one class so you get to see if you like the routine as well as my teaching style. There is no commitment after taking that first sample class. Sample class is $70 (all studio rental fees are included) Click here to set your sample first dance class



A: Class price is the same no matter which wedding dance services you choose – feel free to mix and match when buying a package (for example in 10 class package 6 classes can be devoted to first dance choreography and 4 classes to party dancing, i.e. how to dance at your wedding)



A: Classes are taught in a private setting – you will not be sharing the space or music with other couples as that environment is too distractive for the successful learning process.



A: Each class is 60min long and longer lessons are available.



A: Please note that unique routine I will create for you can be tweaked and adjusted at any time – all in an effort to create the dance that you want and are excited to perform.

  • Single Class
  • $70 first$100 single class after that
    • Try it before you commit
    • Help in music selection
    • Choreographed dance
    • Supervised practice

  • Basic Package
  • $475$95 per class
    • Includes 5 60min lessons
    • Help in music selection
    • Choreographed dance
    • Supervised practice
    • + 1 FREE semi-private class: party dancing or salsa ($40 value)

  • Comfort Package
  • $900$90 per class
    • Includes 10 60min lessons
    • Help in music selection
    • Choreographed dance
    • Supervised practice
    • + 2 FREE semi-private classes: party dancing or salsa ($80 value)
    • + Professional video of your choreography taken in class

  • Premium Package
  • $1275$85 per class
    • Includes 15 60min lessons
    • Help in music selection
    • Choreographed dance
    • Supervised practice
    • + 3 FREE semi-private classes: party dancing or salsa ($120 value)
    • + Professional video of your choreography taken in class
    • + Edit/mix of your chosen songs


Will you have a DJ or a live band? It’s easier to dance to a song you heard a lot. And I mean the same version of the song. Even if you don’t have ‘musician’s ear’ you will (or your brain will rather) get used to sounds, melodies, vocals and musical cues of that one song you’ll be hearing over and over again. Song that’s performed by a live band is never identical to a same song that you bought on iTunes. I always encourage my couples to ask the band for audio recording from their rehearsal so we can practice to it in our classes. That way there will be no unwanted surprises on the dance floor.


Know who’s a better dancer. When performing easier choreography at least on of you has to know the steps really well and although usually men are supposed to lead, we – ladies can step in. To your guests it won’t be necessarily visible who initiates the movement. It is not going to show that easily. What IS going to show is when you are both trying to lead at the same time so make sure those roles are established early enough.


Covering up your mess ups. The worst thing you can do on the dance floor is show that you just messed up. Sure – mistakes happen. You will forget a step or two, lose the beat, step on your partner’s dress, start dancing too early, the list goes on and on… But keep in mind one thing: your guests do not know your choreography. They won’t know that something was off as long as you keep dancing. Don’t stop and scratch your head trying to hide embarrassment – that will only make it worse. Just smile, take a breath, kiss your bride and carry on. Things like that will only make your dance that much cuter.

Unless you consider yourself a great dancer, pick a song with a rhythm that’s easy to follow. Keep in mind that you can learn your first dance choreography to any song but it is always easier and faster to learn to a song that has a beat. That’s one of the reasons more and more couples these days tend to choose modern songs to dance to.


I will be happy to advise you in your song selection. Keep in mind that if I see you struggling with matching the steps to the rhythm of the song, I will suggest changing the song.

Of course, sometimes the reason you’re messing up is the fact that the steps are too advanced. That can always be adjusted. However, when the entire routine is performed off beat, then there’s a problem. I simply know that if you keep losing rhythm while practicing in class, you won’t magically dance flawlessly on your big night.

Practice in between sessions. We learn how to dance through repetition – after all dancing is a motor activity. If you leave a huge gap in between your dance classes (say: two weeks), it will be so much harder to get back in the game. You will find that you’re having trouble with movements you didn’t have trouble with before. You know that saying: “If you don’t use it…”


Regular classes and a bit of practicing in between are the perfect recipe for learning the first dance (any dance as a matter of fact) quick. But you know what’s the best part? You can get away with practicing for 5-10 minutes here and there. That’s how little it takes to start remembering all the movements, turns, patterns of your dance as well as teacher’s instructions. Simply grab your partner, put your first dance song on and dance. If you have questions: note them down, email your teacher, get answers so that you’re not practicing ‘the wrong way’.


…you loose it” was the end of that saying in case you were wondering :)